prompts for your writing
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Words come to us at any point, sometimes arriving in the quiet times without bidding. Sometimes arising from a stimulus; something within catches our imagination. On this page you will find a range of prompts which I hope you can enjoy, and use in your writing life. I will be adding items as regularly as they suggest themselves: pictorial, single words, thoughts of those before us. Use and re-use them as you will.

Look up

Wherever you have chosen to sit: look up. Choose a colour to search for, and widen out where you look. Take some time to notice subtle differences between the shades, qualities of the colour. Do they all have names, or would you create some to differentiate what you see?

Write your way round the space, doing honour to these colours by attempting to describe each.

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What else has been with you on this journey through lockdown? Each will have visible differences, but I wonder who or what less visible resource has carried you through. In your alone times, your afraid and overwhelmed times, who have you brought to mind, or what imaginative thing have you used to help with the process of soothing yourself again?

'Write it up'; describe them or it, with attention to detail.  

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This day

This day will end soon. Take a moment to ritualise this: lay out your writing things, and then sit somewhere quiet, allow the eyes to soften their focus. Be aware much of the work is done, and that all you need for the now is inside you. Roam over the day as you breathe, trusting your mind and body to select what was significant and of interest.

Write what you notice, write was has been offered. 

Finally, re-read the piece and write what you notice about it, or about the process you just carried out. 


Feeling the weather

Whatever your schedule and context is it is likely you have to be exposed to the weather at points. We can find some weathers evocative. Over the next few days I would invite you to hold a background awareness of how your body or mind are responding to the changes. 

How does your skin feel when greeted by air that feels as warm as you are, or wind that bites and grips? How does your mind feel when the sky is the same colour as the concrete, and what changes when the evening sky is streaked with pink and orange? What difference might it make when the morning light is stark, noticeable as opposed to when it is barely different to the quiet dark?

Capture some of these observations, linking up your visceral experience with the weather as much as you wish.

Dark Clouds
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Imagine this wall has been lovingly and carefully built by you over time. You created it in order to protect yourself from something you did not want to experience. You are very familiar with it at some primal level, but it has also been allowed to remain in place without reconsidering its relevance.

Think about one aspect of your life you have perhaps avoided- you will sense this by a block between you and it. It may be considering change with another, it may a different career choice, it may be a habitual way of avoiding risk.

Try firstly some exploratory writing about one thing on the other side of the wall to you; describe the event or idea.

Secondly write about the wall: when did it start being constructed? What is it made of? Is it flexible today, and can you imagine allowing it to be so?