• Maura

Updated: May 9, 2020

We have seen the close of the shortest day. What does this mean to us in reality? It could be I decide it is a relief, noting that life is busy underground and that spring, summer, heat are all coming our way. 

It occurred to me instead that I had a limited amount of time to notice this winter, this occurrence, this now. So on a walk today I didn't just wrap up and concentrate on the destination, I tried to know I was moving between points, and to live the journey. I saw that my body enjoyed the exercise, and pull in of crisp air. I recalled that the bare trees knew what to do, and were even now perhaps creating new growth. And I appreciated the glisten of recent rain on the patient foliage I passed. I was also glad to see that I was quiet enough to appreciate a return to the outdoors each time I changed location, and was glad to be alert to this winter afternoon.