• Maura

Updated: May 9, 2020

Like most who will see it I was impressed by 'Inside out'. The theme was deep rather than broad and offered the message that those who practice self-reflection know: grief needs a voice. On the face of it, Joy's insistent presence at the controls seems positive, and a strange thing to resist. But resist I do, because of the resulting under-development of the rest of our range.

If you are reading this and struggling with over-whelming, debilitating sadness or fury you will understandably be seeking to relieve that. Curious that knowing we don't want it to be our over-riding sense will not, in itself, reduce it. We may be avoiding parts of ourselves that, we will find, will not leave. I have seen clients gain eventual, significant relief from the process of turning to face rage or loss. Exploring, understanding and finally accepting 'difficult' feelings as a part of themselves, arising from our experiences. 

'Truth will out' has an affectual underpinning. Sadness will out, and grief, loss, fury, fear and joy...will out.