• Maura

Updated: Feb 14

"How are you?"

This question has added volume in this time of pandemic. If we feel physically unwell it may be that a sense of powerlessness arises; familiar aches and murmurings of a living body take on an ominous feel. Then the process of sharing that information suddenly has implications for the others' worries, or for the job we do, or for plans we have. If we are physically well there may be whole new depths of vulnerability for us to contend with: "How do you feel?"

We have the opportunity to attend to that aspect of our living. Suddenly and steadily the backdrop of our lives changed. Let me suggest that, as each new day brings a march of new feelings, they all have their place. We can strengthen the skill of straddling the delicate, respectful place of noting these feelings, knowing they fit in some way, and then of soothing ourselves in the presence of each. Feel your feet on the floor, allow yourself to look around, listen for soft sounds, and keep drawing breath in and allowing yourself to let it go. Know these feelings come and they go.

At a time of so much change, why wouldn't we experience change in ourselves?