• Maura

How are you finding time?

I am considering this at various levels as I experience them.

The period of time of the impact of Covid has both a feel of defined uniqueness and an unboundaried feel of some new reality. It yawns forward, and I notice some panic as I turn over each page of the calendar.

Within a day I have by now found a routine. My world is smaller, the day occurs in chunks with less obvious spontaneity. I take time to do many things, and find I notice myself do things now; a decision to wash up, a section spent weeding, a preparation to write and a settling to it.

Finally, I think I am doing this: finding time. I find more room in my head, more reserves of energy, to pay attention to me. So the way behind me is peppered with small projects I have completed during this time. The now has interest for me, and I can capture some of these thoughts when the time is right. The way in front will happen anyway, whether or not I am ready or attentive. So I might as well strive to be.