Mindful reflective writing group

Writing has been shown to be an effective tool for deepening reflection, and use in a group setting supports us even further. Reflective writing can awaken our unique richness and strength.

I offer a reflective writing group in my home town of Brighton (£9 per writer, per session). I keep the group small to ensure each member gets time and space for reflection, and we accommodate each member's focus for exploration. .  There is no pressure to share more than you wish to, and the support and observations of others is deeply enriching. Through a series of short writing exercises we explore our experiences, hopes and knowledge of and belief in ourselves, which can help strengthen connections within ourselves and those around us, and to tap into our potential. This space is both creative and contained. No writing experience is necessary, and I facilitate your participation in this safe and enriching environment.


Contact me for more details. During the Covid-19 pandemic I have put these courses on hold. I am currently looking into a safe way to reinstate them, for a smaller group than I may have previously run.

Your contributions to this site

As the site community grows I anticipate you will be held by the presence of those others who share your thirst, so please do allow that to nourish and support you, too. I look forward to the journey with you, and to discovering how we can facilitate creativity in each other. 

As you explore you will see opportunities to share your written work. There are also opportunities to promote discussions, share inspiration and ideas we find. How to do this, safely and clearly, is detailed here.


I hope that there will be a potential connection to join with me on our shared exploration of what writing can do for you. Do explore this site.

Sharing your work

I would really enjoy reading what you have written and you can send me any of your contributions.

Sharing your thoughts

I will post up thoughts about writing, recommended resources, inspiring items for us all to enjoy.

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