about Maura
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I am Maura. I live and work in my home town of Brighton, and can be found in various places with pen in hand, contemplating what I want to write. Words and I have a long-term relationship, fuelled by reading as often as I can. I arrive at this site with long-term experience in using writing; I turn to it when I am not sure what I need to say. It helps. When I write I set aside time when I sense the need, or am driven to write by some inspiration. The latter may include a picture, a mood left behind when music stops, a scene before me or a struggle or joy within. 

My previous career of teaching, and my current career in psychotherapy, support my writing life. I have a keen interest in the sense we try to make of things, in our need for narrative. Further to this, I see narratives as being open to compassionate inspection, useful re-viewing.

For some years I have offered reflective writing as closed courses and drop-ins. Participants arrive with varied experience with writing; some very familiar with what writing can offer, and some new but wishing to promote their self-reflection. The courses are invariably stimulating, and I have gained much from the company of those who arrive to write. They have enhanced my awareness of writing's power, nourishing my own development through this medium.

I hope the presence of this site and its contents will be one of your affirmations about the medium. This site is my next adventure. I make an offer of the fundamental aspects of reflective writing, and hope to reach some who I would not otherwise meet as well as old companions.

Testimonials from participants on recent courses:

"Writing with Maura on a weekly basis in the last couple of months has been a constant surprise. A surprise in what aspects of my own patterns I uncover that I didn't see before, and a surprise of what this seemingly simple tool has to offer. We wrote from ever changing perspectives, using new techniques, sometimes engaging with other forms of art, helping bring out deeper and deeper insights about the roads we're each travelling on. On the other hand, the crucial stable point is Maura's attention. She is fully there in the sessions, cares, and remembers our progress, which helps a lot in putting the journey in perspective."

"This simple, pure method of writing with her has been a weekly source of reflection and a support in going forward, which I'm thankful for, and will continue to take part in."

"I didn't know fully what I felt until I did the writing activities. I feel safe in this group."

"​This group has become an anchor in my week."


"Your attentive tutelage makes this group a safe and creative space."