reconsidering horizons

Welcome to this site which has been made for those who are interested in writing, whether new and curious about the medium, or experienced and curious. I gather my practice under the title: 'reconsidering horizons' as I believe a deliberate and compassionate process of re-visiting, re-considering, re-viewing supports our growth.


I aim to offer:

A. Reflections on writing as a medium.

Writing can be approached in a way I might approach a dog: wanting to borrow some of its energy, optimism and fresh vision but respecting its wild and independent power...more...

B. Inspiration.

When you wish to write- just do it. A new notebook will suffice, the back of a flier, a note on your phone, a blank part of a newspaper page. Inspiration will come to learn it will be heard and you could embolden it to return...more...

C. Encouragement.

Your curiosity about the area has brought you here; your instinct is sound...more...

D. Continuity and community.
And finally this site is not just about you, or about me- it is about us...more...



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